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The Vampire Facial is Here!!!!!

With our second Nurse on board we are so excited to offer the Vampire Facial aka Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) infusion. We've been using Benev Serum with GF for years with microneedling but what's better than Benev ? using your own growth factors and your own plasma. Once we've taken your blood , we put it in to a centrifuge to separate the platelets & plasma from your blood cells and once separated the concentration of platelets in the plasma are 10 x that of normal blood. This is a rich source of proteins, growth factors and wound healing particles. Now, these can be injected into areas where you have volume deficits or the skin is becoming thinner and needs a boost. There is chance no rejection as your body knows EXACTLY what to use this abundance of GFs for. You can also combine it with microneedling (my favourite) , microneedling has the advantage of creating 1000s of channel over the surface of the skin for the PRP to be absorbed into. So when you think of the advantages of microneedling (firmer, tighter, collagen boost etc.) and add to it your own systems repair and growth mechanism , it's microneedling on steroids!! You can also do a mixture, needling, PRP injection and PRP total skin infusion - The ultimate!! Book in for a free consultation and lets start to rewind the clock...

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