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Anti-Aging Treatments

A range of options to rejuvenate and improve your foundation of beauty with Medical Grade Equipment and Senior Technicians who will tailor treatments just for you.

We offer the complete range of services  with medical grade machinery to provide you with the best results

Best to book in for a free consultation before an appointment and discuss what options are appropriate for you.

Laser Rejuvenation

PicoSure Skin Revitalisation treatments are quick and easy, non-surgical and non-invasive treatments that dramatically improve the appearance, tone and texture of the skin with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Acid Peels

Cosmedix Pomegranite, PCA 6 % Retinol, PCA Sensi Peel, TCA, Salicylic, Glycolic, Jessners.  We will assess your skin and tailor the treatment and acid  to be used to your. skin type and skin condition


Medical grade micro focussed HIFU that delivers more energy faster through to the SMAS for skin and  muscle tightening .   Super fast & energy efficient to give you maximum results from only one or two sessions annually.

RF Fractional Needling

The Secret RF is a medical grade fractional needling machine with adjustable needle depth, RF penetration for a firmer, tighter skin with minimal down time. Collagen induction, skin tightening, pore size reduction.

Laser Facial

Using either the Alexandrite or the Nd Yag to stimulate elastin and remodel collagen for finer lines and a more youthful complexion .

Derma Pen 

Serums include: Hyluaronic Acid, Growth factors, peptides, multi vitamins, human fibroblast to boost celluar renewal, tighten the pores and even the skins texture.

Erbium Glass Laser

Skin resurfacing from the inside out, multiple passes with the Erbium Glass will result in tighter pores, smoother skin and reduction in lines.  

Derma Planing

An acid wash followed by gentle blading to exfoliate the skin and removal of facial hair. 


A advanced facial using the SkinBooster II


A needling technique to plump lines and improve skin condition

Carbon Facial with Yag Laser

 No downtime , painless and quick - these are great for busy people who wish to achieve a smoother , clearer skin and to control acne.  The carbon facial will exfoliate  the outer later of skin, stimulate new collagen and decongests skin. 

 Tag, wart, mole, keratosis removal

Using Aaron 940 electro cautery, using numbing cream for 40 minutes prior to removal.  This is only available for cosmetic skin conditions. Please  book a consult prior and to pick up numbing cream.


Appearance Medicine

Our Nurse Lianne Dunsmuir regulary holds clinics for injectables.  She was a Galderma trainer and is a true artist when it comes to enhancing ones features. She uses Botox, Dysport , ProHilo, Mono Threadand a range of dermal fillers. 

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