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Michelle Washington & Cindy Whittington
The Owners

Michelle and Cindy have been partners since April 2023 with Cindy purchasing 50% of the company.  

Michelle has been involved in the cosmetics industry for 22 years now and launched Lilash in New Zealand and the Middle East.  She then focussed on making her own lash serum under the banner of INC and launched Avante Hair serum in 2015.  Michelle loves the technical side of the beauty industry and that is why she opened The Appearance Clinic in Rotorua.

Cindy was a client and loved all the technology and left her Dental Nursing career behind to upskill and broaden her expertise in the skin industry.  With  all her NZ Laser qualifications behind her and extensive product training Cindy is looking to expand and grow the portfolio of the Appearance Clinic. 

 Both girls have a  passion for technology the aim is for the the  clinic to be a centre of excellence, with FDA & EU approved medical grade machines, the latest treatment offerings and 6 different ranges of skincare - you can be assured of a tailored  & personalised treatment protocol.

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