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Spring has Sprung and so has maskacne!

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Seasonal Skin Changes

With Spring here now is the time to review your skin routine. Spring's increase in humidity can increase sweat and oil production that can cause breakouts, add that to the humidity caused by mask wearing and we can have a real issue on our hands.

Things to do:


  • Spray the inside of you mask with a toner or plain witch hazel regular to minimise bacteria.

  • Change masks regularly

  • Wash fabric masks daily


  • Exfoliate the dead winter skin (all over)

  • Wash make up brushes and let sit in the sunlight (UV sterilises)

  • Check moisturiser - do you need a lighter one or just ease back on usage

  • Stock up with new SPF for the next 12 months

  • Use SPF daily (even on cloudy days) UVR penetrates clouds and rain

  • If you wear a mask all day - use an antioxidant like Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic to increase the resilience of your skin

  • Invest in a Facial SPF with tint

Bikini Body

Now is the time to get onto Cooltech Fat Freezing and help shed the winter bulges that have developed

And as always you can book in for a free consultation to get some expert advice.

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