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Laser Facial Specials for the Party Season

Facial no. 1 The Glass Erbium

No down time! This treatment is so versatile, for ALL skin types and can improve different skin issues including:

● Active acne

● Wrinkles and fine lines

● Large pores

● Skin tone and texture

The Secret Glass Erbium non-ablative laser is the latest generation of laser. It triggers collagen production, plumps skin, reduces blemishes, evens out skin texture and minimizes wrinkles.

The Glass Erbium creates deep columns of light and coagulates the tissue which results in brilliant skin remodeling. What makes this laser so effective is that it doesn’t harm the top layer of the skin - it only goes to the lowest layer of the dermis, the dermal layer .This treatment is Pain Free and doesn’t vaporize the skin cells. So you can have this the same day or an hour prior to dinner.

Post-treatment and recovery


Normally $325 – until the end of the year $225

This is one to enjoy and can be done every 3 weeks!!

Facial No 2 The Fractional Ablative

For purpose not for pleasure – this treatment fractionaly vaporises the upper layer of skin, which results in dramatic collagen and tissue restructure. Numbing cream is advised

The Erbium Ablative utilizes laser energy that is divided into thousands of tiny deep columns to precisely remove layers of damaged skin, while surrounding healthy tissue remains intact and unaffected and helps heal the skin. The technique is used as a treatment for fine and deep wrinkles, scars, and skin lesions working on the epidermal and dermal layer.

Its great for :

● Active acne and acne scarring

● Wrinkles and mid depth lines

● Photoaging

● Skin tone and texture (think scaly bits)

Within each treatment zone old epidermal pigmented cells are expelled, and the penetration of collagen in the dermis causes a reaction that leads to collagen remodelling and new collagen formation.

Post-treatment and recovery

Patients may experience a mild sunburn sensation for about an hour or two after the procedure, be a bit pink and have some swelling which will resolve within a couple of days. Within 24 hours new epidermal skin develops and the skin will have a bronze appearance that can last 3–10 days. Flaking of the skin may also occur as new skin replaces dead skin tissue, then viola back to normal. Use of SPF will be required

Normally $500 – Until the end of year $385

Facial no 3

The Elite Laser Rejuvenation

A breakthrough in non-invasive laser treatment, the Elite Laser uses laser heat and light energy in a series of micro pulses. This activates the skin’s natural healing process and collagen remodelling.

It also promotes the growth of new, healthy cells, improves the appearance of fine lines, and targets unwanted brown spots and facial redness, for a more vibrant complexion. Although the individual treatment results are subtle, the overall effect of a treatment series can be quite dramatic.

Normally $485 – Until the end of the year $385

Post-treatment and recovery


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