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Blasted Pigment needs blasting!

Getting Control of Pigmentation

Firstly let’s start off with acknowledging that when dealing with pigmentation there is no single solution. Our lasers are great in helping but unless you address some of the root causes of hyperpigmentation, the pattern will repeat.

Just think of iron that gets left in the garden unattended, it rusts, right? So we give it a good clean, we sand it and we oil it to protect it, right. Sound familiar? That process at play here is free radical damage or oxidation and that’s exactly what happens to our skin if we don’t protect it. It’s a cellular process and we can manage it.

How do we repair and prevent pigmentation?

Well the easy answer is UVA/UVB protection but that’s not going to help with existing damage, we first need to get the skin working at an optimum with DNA protection and an antioxidant that will repair and prevent DNA damage. We can laser off exisiting damage from Fitzpatrick 1 thru to V - check out our before and afters below - they are all with one treatment.

We recommend DNA repair and either Alpha Lipoic Acid or a Vitamin C as a start. Water and oil soluble Alpha Lipoic is a radical protector working both inside and outside of the cell, it’s a co enzyme is converts glucose to energy for mitochondria (cells batteries) and it works as a recycler of vitamins.

Products: Avante DNA Repair, Cosmedix Pure C Crystals, Cosmedix Brillance Vitamin C oil. Nimue Radiance (Alpha Lipoic) Serum. Aspect Dr Multi B Plus

Now we move on to the 5 stages of Pigmentation Defense

1. Melanine stimulation:

To reduce Melanie stimulation you need to be using peptides: these little beauties regulate cell activity and control different cells in different ways but overall reducing the stimulation of melanocytes.

2. Tyrosinase & Melanine Inhibitors

These actives slow down the process which forms the pigment granules in the cells and you can use multiple products here as they can have differing functions within the same process.

Key ingredients to look out for:

Azelaic Acid – slows the melanosomes down but doesn’t reduce existing pigmentation - great for inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Tranexamic Acid – inhibits tyrosinase and stabilizes peripheral capillaries (reduce redness) Aspect Complete

Glutathione – Tripetide works on the reducing melanocytes in the dermis

Glababridin – Liquorice Root - prevents the formation of pigment granules, which migrate to the skin

Glucosamine – reduces the production of melanosomes

3. Melanosome Transfer Inhibitor

Niacinamide B3 prevents the transfer of the pigment within the melanosome to the keratin, it stabilizes barrier function, reduces water loss, aids DNA repair and stimulates ceramide synthesis.

Think Skin : Health, Repair, Inhibit and Defense and you will be on your way to a brighter more even toned skin.

Products to look out for:

Avante DNA Repair for face and body

Nimue Radiance Serum

Cosmedix: Simply Brilliant, Vitamin C mixing Crystals, Brilliance Serum, Simply Brilliant,

Societe: Age Defying Pads

Aspect Dr ;Complete Pigment Punch, Redless, Multi B Plus, Resveratrol moisturizer,

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