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Cool Tech  - Fat Freezing

New Machine from 2nd November 2020

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A range of options to rejuvenate and improve your foundation of beauty.

We offer the complete range of services from facials to layered acid peels to plasma pen non surgical face lifts and appearance medicine.

Best to book in for a free consultation and discuss what options are appropriate.

Acid Peels

Cosmedix Pomegranite, PCA 6 % Retinol, PCA Sensi Peel, TCA, Salicylic, Glycolic, Jessners.  We will assess your skin and tailor the treatment and acid  to be used to your. skin type and skin condition

Derma Pen 

Serums include: Hyluaronic Acid, Growth factors, peptides, multi vitamins, human fibroblast to boost celluar renewal, tighten the pores and even the skins texture.

Derma Blade

An acid wash followed by gentle blading to exfoliate the skin and removal of facial hair. 

Plasma Pen

To reduce excess skin on upper eyelids, neck, face, back of hands and anywhere excess skin irritates.  

Mole and Tag removal

Using Aaron 940 electro cautery, using the triple 9 numbing cream for 20 minutes prior to removal.  This is only available for cosmetic skin conditions.

Appearance Medicine

Our Nurse Lianne Dunsmuir regulary holds clinics for injectables.  She is a Galderma trainer and is a true artist when it comes to enhancing ones features. She uses Botox, Dysport and a range of dermal fillers.

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