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The White Diet & Steps for Brightening Success

As of September  2019

Step 1 to Teeth Whitening

Book your appointment with one of the Certified Tooth Whitening Aestheticians at the Appearance Clinic and understand the process involved in restoring.  After this appointment you will be given the Consent form, The White Diet sheet and a tube of Dental Grade toothpaste to help reduce any potential sensitivity.    

Prepay and Save

After your consultation if you decide to go ahead and prepay for your dental treatment, your consult will be 100% free.  If you want to go away and think about it you will be required to pay for the consultation.    The consultation fee is discounted and covers staff time.

Step 2

Read and educate yourself as not all machines are equal and those of you that know us, know that we like up to date technology and our machine is a Beyond II Ultra Sonic with Ionization.  Essentially this means that while the Gel is on you teeth and the ultra sonic will be gently vibrating the particles to penetrate deeper into the tooth.  The difference with our protocol is that we work on cycles, studies  have shown that the maximum benefit of Gel activation  is at approximately 12 - 20 minutes (depending on the level of staining).  So depending on your assessment, we break your treatment up into cycles with a reapplication of Gel for each cycle  ie. fairly white teeth might have 3 x 12 minute cycles, heavily stained  might have 3 x 15 minute cycles.

Step 3 - Your Appointment

You must not have been to the dentist or hygienist  for a scale or dental procedure for 2 weeks prior to your appointment , this is to ensure that your gums will have settled back down.

Do not brush your  immediately before your appointment .

Plan your white foods for the 24 hour period, here ar some suggestions:


Water – cold                                                    Water – hot with a dash of lemon barley cordial

Milk                                                                  Lemonade

Colour-free cordial                                           Lemon barley cordial

White wine                                                       White grape juice 

and of course Champagne!



Banana                                                             Natural or vanilla flavoured yoghurt

White bread – brown crusts cut off                 White honey

Banana smoothie e.g. milk, banana, 

natural yoghurt, vanilla icecream

White bread – brown crusts cut off                 Mayonnaise

Smoked chicken – no dark skin                        Roast chicken – no skin

Poached chicken                                              Steamed white fish

White pasta with a white sauce                      White rice

(add chicken or fish as above)                         Feta cheese

Potatoes – boiled or mashed, no skin             Cauliflower – steamed

White onions                                                    White sauce

Rice pudding                                                    Vanilla icecream

Banana                                                             Vanilla yoghurt

Step 4 - Rock up and Relax

Sit on the comfy bed, ask Alexa to play your favourite sounds and let us do the work for you.  We will take photos and match your current shade of tooth , then at the end we will do the same, the rest is up to you!

Prices for IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Your Journey Begins Here

Australian  Certified Laser and Light Technicians

$350.00  Face, Neck & decollete

$210.00 Face

$210.00 Decollete

$150.00 Cheeks and Nose

$80.00 Hands

$50.00 Single Patch

$150.00 Acne Full face

$350.00 Half Legs

Skin Rejuvenation 1_edited.jpg
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